Saturday, November 20, 2010

[●REC] 2 (2009)


REC 2 is a Spanish horror film that is the sequel to 2007's REC. Written and directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza, both of whom returned from the previous film, the story takes place immediately after the events of the first film, with producing company Filmax International describing it as having "the same claustrophobic concept" as REC but with "new means of transferring fear from the screen to the spectator through the recording lens Shortly after the events of the first film, a medical officer and a GEO team, equipped with video cameras, are sent into the quarantined apartment building to control the situation. After encountering some of the infected, the man from CDC uses something religious to fight them off. Surprisingly, it works. It turns out that the man from CDC is actually a priest sent by the church to get a blood sample from the Medeiros girl.
When they get to the attic, they find out that the infected can travel all around the building through the air ducts. The Medeiros girl is nowhere to be found. One of the GEO's goes up to the air duct and finds a sample of her blood - the only one that the original priest took from her. The priest then does something religious with some of it, and it explodes, confirming that it IS the blood he's looking for; however, the SWAT member holding the rest of the blood drops it because of the explosion, rendering it useless. They then are forced to get the blood sample from the Medeiros girl herself.

Country: Spain
Language: Spanish

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