Saturday, November 27, 2010

[TV Show] Family Guy - 102 - I Never Met The Dead Man (1999)


Annoyed that Peter spends more time watching television than with his own family, Lois suggests he teach Meg how to drive. Peter reluctantly agrees, and unwittingly gives Meg a series of bad driving tips, including instructing her to "rev" her engine twice at stop lights and challenge other drivers to a race, which causes her to ultimately fail her driving test. As Peter drives them home from the Department of Motor Vehicles he notices that a show he wanted to watch is on television in a nearby house. Distracted, he crashes the car into a main cable television transmitter, knocking out reception for the entire town of Quahog. Panicking, Peter convinces Meg to take the blame for the cable outage, bribing her with the promise of a new convertible whenever she gets her license. Once they arrive home with the transmitter still attached to the car, Lois becomes furious with Peter for placing the blame on his own daughter. Meanwhile, Stewie steals the satellite dish in a plan to create a weather control device capable of destroying the world's supply of broccoli, since Lois had forced him to eat the vegetable earlier that day.

Genre: Animation,Comedy,Family
Language: English
Country: USA

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