Saturday, November 20, 2010

[TV Show] Family Guy - 819 - The Splendid Source (2010)


As Peter and Lois discuss a family trip to Maine, Chris suddenly enters the kitchen, and alerts his parents that he has been suspended by his principal for telling an inappropriate joke. Assuring his principal it will not ever happen again, Chris reveals that it was actually Quagmire who told him the joke in the first place. Deciding to confront Quagmire at the Drunken Clam later that day, Peter finds the joke to be hilarious and accidentally defecates himself. Quagmire and Joe soon discover that Peter actually does so everytime they tell him the joke, and the two set out to continually make him defecate himself, even to the point that Quagmire hires Freddy Kreuger from the "Nightmare On Elm Street" film series to make Peter soil himself in his dreams and in real life. Tired of their antics, Peter decides to wear Quagmire's pants to the bar the next day, preventing them from making him laugh. Going on to question where Quagmire heard the dirty joke in the first place, he reveals that it was actually Bruce who told him the joke. Locating Bruce at his job at the bowling alley, the group eventually discovers that the joke (which, among other people, was passed on by Futurama character Bender and REO Speedwagon frontman Kevin Cronin) originated with a Virginia bartender. Setting out from Quahog, along with Bonnie and Lois, expecting to go on vacation to Maine, Quagmire distracts the two women, as they begin on their journey to Virginia instead. The group then enters the local bar in Stoolbend, Virginia, and discover that it was actually Cleveland who told Gus the Bartender the joke. Asking who Cleveland heard it from, he reveals that it was a bellhop named Sal Russo who told him the dirty joke. The group, along with Cleveland, then set out on the road once more to Washington, D.C., but are soon attacked by a black vehicle, who fires gunshots at them, in an attempt to stop them from learning the joke's origin. The group then arrive at a Washington hotel, and locate Sal, who is reluctant to tell them where he heard it from, and races away on a handcart through Washington. Losing track of Sal, they are soon captured by several men in black suits, who beat them with their guns.

Country: USA
Language: English

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