Saturday, November 20, 2010

Abre los ojos "a.k.a" Open Your Eyes (1997)


The handsome and wealthy César is very successful with women and is having difficulties getting rid off Nuria, his last affair. His best friend, Pelayo, is unlucky with women and jealous of César. In his birthday party, César meets the gorgeous and sexy Sofia, currently dating Pelayo, but they are immediately attracted to each other and spend the night together in her apartment. The next morning, César finds Nuria outside of Sofia's building and he accepts her offer of a ride home. However, she commits suicide, crashing her car against a wall but César survives the crash, but with his face completely destroyed. The doctors do not have the technology to restore his face and César is absolutely depressed and missing Sofia. One night, César meets Sofia and Pelayo in a bar but he drinks too much and passes out on the street. However, the next morning, Sofia finds César on the street and kisses him telling that she loves him.

Country: Spain | France | Italy
Language: Spanish

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