Saturday, November 20, 2010

[TV Show] Family Guy - 512 - Airport '07 (2007)


After attending a redneck comedy show, Peter purchases a pickup truck and decides to become a redneck. Peter begins behaving as if he were a redneck, like putting his couch on the front lawn of his home, painting over the entire rear window of his pickup, which results in him reversing the car into his neighbor Quagmire's car. After destroying the car, Peter drives Quagmire to the airport, as he is due to fly an airplane. While at the airport, Peter steals the fuel used for Quagmire's airplane, naively believing it will make his pickup fly. Quagmire's plane crashes shortly after due to lack of fuel. As a result, Quagmire loses his job and is forced to live with the Griffins until he can find another job. Peter claims he is no longer going to be a redneck, although this fails to comfort Quagmire over his loss.

Country: USA
Language: English

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