Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cosavogliodipiù "a.k.a" What More Do I Want? (2010)


An adulterous affair between two office workers threatens to implode their boring, stationary lives in director Silvio Soldini’s (Days and Clouds, Bread and Tulips) latest insightful relationship film. Anna, a mild-mannered employee at an insurance firm, has a stable, uncomplicated marriage to Alessio, her boorish and clueless husband. Her sister’s recent childbirth and the constant hints from her husband have put pressure on her to have a child. Meanwhile, she has begun flirting with Domenico, a sexy, mysterious co-worker. Their flirtation soon escalates into a secret liaison as they begin meeting in a seedy motel every week. It is not too long before their clandestine relationship is discovered and they must make a choice between their families or each other. Using a true-to-life documentary style, Soldini has crafted a poignant film that tempers the unbridled passion of an illicit affair with the anxiety and dread of leading a double life.

Country: Italy | Switzerland
Language: Italian | French (some dialogue)

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