Saturday, November 20, 2010

[TV Show] Family Guy - 814 - Peter-assment (2010)


Attending a play being held at the Little Clam Pre-School about Terri Schiavo, the Griffin family wait eagerly to see Stewie appear in the starring role as "The Plug." Succumbing to stage fright, however, Stewie wets himself, and begins crying, with Peter recording it all on video tape. Panning the camera down to another row in the auditorium, Peter notices actor Richard Dreyfuss, and begins recording him, while pestering him with personal questions. Deciding to sell the video to TMZ, Peter quickly becomes enthralled with being a paparazzo, and decides to buy a professional-grade video camera. He then begins recording other town celebrities, including Tom Tucker, Mayor Adam West, and Ollie Williams, who smashes Peter's camera, as well as his glasses. Unable to fix them in time for work the next day, he decides to wear contacts instead. Once he arrives at work, his boss, Angela, notices something different about his appearance and develops a sexual attraction for him. Angela begins hitting on Peter, enlisting him to do various odd sexual favors for her. This culminates in her inviting Peter to her house one evening, which Peter realizes as an attempt to have sex with him. Peter fears of going against her will result in being fired, and agrees to visit Angela. He then enlists his neighbor, Quagmire, to go with him, and hides inside Peter's clothing, planning to have sex with Angela, in the place of Peter. He soon backs out, however, when he finds Angela to be unattractive, leading Peter to have to refuse to have sex with her, and eventually being fired from his job.

Country: USA
Language: English

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