Saturday, November 20, 2010

[TV Show] Family Guy - 805 - Hannah Banana (2009)


Stewie, a self-proclaimed Hannah Montana fan, learns that Miley Cyrus is having a concert in Quahog. Tickets to the show are sold out mere seconds after being made available for purchase, leaving him unable to attend the show. Desperate to attend, Stewie sneaks in backstage at the concert, where Brian convinces Miley to give him tickets, saying Stewie has a tumor shaped like a football. Out of sympathy, Miley becomes Stewie's best friend, and later, Stewie notices something strange about Miley when he notices feedback coming from her cell phone. Deciding to spy on her, Stewie and Brian discover that she is actually an android, created by Walt Disney Imagineering who designed the perfect teen idol. When Brian curiously asks if she can perform other tasks, Stewie decides to reprogram the android Miley, but she suddenly goes haywire and rampages throughout the city.

Country: USA
Language: English

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