Thursday, December 23, 2010

Aamras (2009)


Aamras is a coming of age film about friendship among four urban school girls - Jiya, Pari, Rakhi and Sanya. All four are very close and come from varied backgrounds, attending one of the most prestigious schools in Mumbai. They have no secrets among themselves and support one another in all their endeavors - good or bad. They promise to remain friends forever, with no sorrys and no thank yous as their mantra. They will do just about anything to keep their friendship going.

Cast : Jiya Sarang, Pari Sehgal, Rakhi Chadda, Sanya Balsara, Zarina Wahab, Reema, Sukanya Kulkarni, Shubhi, Vikram Kapadia, Usha Bachani, Sonali Sachdev, Meher, Sunil Sinha, Manoj Pahwa

Country: India
Language: Hindi

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