Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tom and Jerry - 1966 - Love Me, Love My Mouse


Tom falls in love with Toodles Galore and flies to her house, carrying Jerry in a ring box. Tom presents Jerry to his love interest. Jerry then pretends to be frightened of Tom and cuddles up to Toodles, who instantly sympathises with him, now taking sides with Jerry, as it was. Jerry then makes efforts to work his way into Tom's mouth, leading to Toodles to come to Jerry's "rescue". Realizing Jerry is milking the sympathy for all its worth, Tom grabs the conniving rodent and tries to do away with him once and for all, unfortuneatly for Tom, Toodles storms in and rescues Jerry. Tom accidentally then releases the rope of the concrete block that he was using to defeat Jerry, the block soon comes crashing down on Tom. A bandaged Tom hobbles to the dinner table to find his love interest repeatedly kissing Jerry. Toodles soon realises something else when kissing Jerry, aside from being cute, Jerry is also quite tasty. She has a change of heart, and attempts to eat Jerry while Tom cheers his victory.

Country: USA
Language: English

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