Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tom and Jerry - 1955 - Mouse for Sale


Tom is reading the paper but quickly discards it and pretends to be asleep when he sees his owner Joan walk past him. He then sees an ad in the paper that says: BIG MONEY PAID FOR WHITE MICE. There is a mouse in the house, but it's not white. A little paint will fix that, though. Tom paints a steel nut yellow to look like cheese and feeds it to Jerry, then attracts him with a magnet. He paints Jerry white and sells him to the local pet store, receiving $50. He hides his earnings under the rug. Unfortunately, Joan finds and takes the money and buys (regardless of the fact that the money was most likely not hers to spend) a white mouse, the very same one Tom sold. Jerry dances to music on the radio. Tom hits his head with a coal spade, trying to hit Jerry, but misses. After a few more attempts, he catches the mouse, but Joan is angry and hits him on the head and throws him out of the house.

Country: USA
Language: English

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