Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tom and Jerry - 1951 - His Mouse Friday


The cartoon begins with Tom stranded at sea, floating on a wooden raft after presumably being shipwrecked, a la Robinson Crusoe. The poor cat has nothing to eat but shoes and shoelaces.[1] When he spots an island, the waves catapult him there. Tom attempts to feast on the coconuts but they prove to be difficult to break open. Moments later, Tom breaks his teeth after trying to sink them into a turtle. However, Tom does see a creature that is undeniably more edible - Jerry. Tom chases after the rodent and the pair end up in an uninhabited village. Jerry spots a large drum and beats a tune on it, frightening Tom. Jerry also finds a large black cauldron and rubs the soot onto his face and body, making himself black. When Tom emerges from his hiding place, Jerry jumps out at him, hollering in a thick dialect. He orders Tom to "hop in pot"; to cook himself with carrots, potatoes and radishes; but to "hold the onion." Tom starts to feel the heat, and resigned to his death, he looks out of the cauldron and sees Jerry performing his "native" dance, but the movement of the dance causes Jerry's makeshift skirt to fall down, revealing his brown mouse fur. Tom notices this and makes sure that Jerry is aware of it. Jerry tries to order Tom back into the pot, but the cat simply mocks him and chases him, only to stumble upon some genuine cannibals (although humans eating a cat or mouse would not in fact qualify as cannibalism). One licks his lips and declares "Mmmm... barbecued cat!" They chase after Tom. Meanwhile, Jerry, overlooking the whole fracas is attacked by a younger (and thicker-lipped) cannibal who also licks his lips in delight, saying "Mmmm... barbecued mouse!" The native boy chases after Jerry.

Country: USA
Language: English

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