Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tom and Jerry - 1948 - Kitty Foiled


Tom can now be seen, attempting to smash Jerry with a broom, but instead repeatedly breaking lamps and glasses. Jerry hides in the one unbroken glass and runs away, but Tom picks up the glass and waits for Jerry to realize he is captured. When he does, his heart starts beating and extending out of his chest. Before Tom can club the mouse over the head with the broken end of the broom handle, the canary escapes from his cage by unlatching the base of the cage, which falls onto Tom, flattening his head with a cymbal noise. Tom pursues Jerry, chasing him into his mousehole, into which Tom's face gets caught, elongating his nose. Tom then spots the canary, beating his wings into the air within his cage. The cat leaps for him, but instead gets himself caught inside his cage, which he then seals with the base. He flies onto a table and then runs away as Tom pursues him, but instead Tom pokes himself through the center of the table and swallows the canary. Fortunately for him, the everpresent "cuckoo...cuckoo...cuckoo" gag allows the bird to escape. Tom runs after the bird, and then rises into the air, beating his deltoids in order to stay afloat in the same matter as the canary. Tom grins at the camera until he runs into the wall and three potted plants hit him on the head. The cat recovers and sees the canary pacing away under a fourth pot. He covers the pot and pokes his eye through the hole. As Tom reaches under the pot to grab the bird, Jerry inserts Tom's tail into the windowsill and snaps the cord. Tom untangles himself and storms after the mouse, and the canary dives down and gives him a lift. They enter the hole, and Tom's nose is once again elongated, but this time, he has swallowed the duo. The mouse and canary squeeze out and take sanctuary in the mousehole.

Country: USA
Language: English

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