Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tom and Jerry - 1964 - Much Ado About Mousing


After showing the title cards, the camera zooms towards Tom fishing on a pier. Tom baits the line with cheese and casts it all the way out to a far-off ship and into Jerry's mousehole. The cat gets a bite and gets pulled off the pier and onto a pillar, while the sleeping mouse nibbles at the cheese as he is reeled in. Tom catches the mouse in a fish net and plops him onto the pier, waking Jerry up with a start. Once Jerry gets a sense of his surroundings, he realizes that Tom is holding his tail and he is about to be squashed by a hammer! The mouse substitutes the cat's hand for himself, and the mouse whistles at the cat from the closest pillar to alert his enemy of his throbbing hand. Tom reacts by yelping and jumping into the stratosphere, kissing his hand all the while. Pleased with himself, Jerry starts to run back to another mousehole while Tom takes a nosedive after his rival. Jerry succeeds in making it to safety while the cat hits his head on the fence just inches above the hole, and falls down in the shape of a tambourine.

Country: USA
Language: English

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