Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tom and Jerry - 1945 - Mouse in Manhattan


Jerry has enough of the country life and decides to leave to the city. He writes a goodbye letter saying:

"Dear Tom,

This country life is getting me down... I'm off for Broadway and the Bright Lights. Goodbye forever, Jerry"

Detailing this for a sleeping Tom before leaving to New York City to experience life in the city. In a series of antics in New York City, he gets stuck in gum on the floor of Grand Central, ends up as a makeshift shoe-polisher, admires the towering skyscrapers, gets nauseated in an elevator, sees more sights before falling down the sewer, has a close shave with oncoming traffic, and dangles precariously over the city on an ever-breaking candle. He also dances with several placecards (in the form of attractive women). He ultimately loses his balance and gets stuck in a champagne bottle which pops him all the way to the ground, where he lands in a dark alley in a puddle, sneezes, and is heard and scared off by an alley full of vicious cats. He is then hurtled across the city on trash cans, one of which hits a fire hydrant, sending him flying through a jewellery shop window, after which he is shot at by the police. As Jerry escapes the city (nearly being run over by an uptown express train on one of the IRT lines in the process), he quickly races over the George Washington Bridge, empty freeway, and railroad back to the countryside, where he finds Tom still asleep (unaware that Jerry had been gone). He destroys his unread note and kisses Tom before nailing a placard reading "Home Sweet Home" above his mousehole, entering afterwards.

Country: USA
Language: English

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