Monday, December 13, 2010

Tom and Jerry - Cat And Dupli-Cat (1967)


Tom is rowing amongst some docks under the crescent moon, singing the Neapolitan ballad "Santa Lucia" the whole way in an operatic baritone voice. As he reaches the docks, he finds Jerry rowing in a small cup and mimicking him. Tom picks up the cup, steals some tea, sugar, and a spoon from a nearby cruise ship, and covers Jerry with both before he can finish. Tom then begins to drink the Jerry-tea, but an orange cat (referred to as Dupli-cat) pulls on Tom's tail, points at an empty plate, and holds his hand out as if to say, "Mine." Tom gives him the teacup, and then Dupli-cat pulls on Tom's tail again and Tom then returns the spoon. Tom then innocently sits on the pillar until he hears Dupli-cat sipping the tea, and then after a few seconds, perhaps the most vivid display of rage throughout the series is seen: Tom blows his top.

Country: USA
Language: English

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