Monday, December 13, 2010

Tom and Jerry - Carmen Get It! (1962)


Tom chases Jerry into the then-brand new Metropolitan Opera House, where Georges Bizet's Carmen opera is being performed, but is quickly thrown off the premises by the guard. Tom attempts to get in by disguising himself as a wealthy gent, but is tossed out once again by the guard. Tom tries once more, dressed as a musician and carrying a large string contrabass case, successfully bluffing his way through by whistling a few notes of the Toreador Song.The guard thought he shouldn't have tossed Tom off the premises. Tom makes his way towards the opera, and opens up the case to reveal a cello case, a viola case, a violin case, and finally a violin. During the preparing of the orchestra, Tom opens up the violin, which contains a tape recorder inside, which simulates Tom's portion of the score. Tom lures Jerry by scraping the violin's bow with cheese, and while attacking Jerry with the bow, Jerry falls into the violin and rewinds the tape. The squeaking noise disturbs the conductor, who promptly breaks the violin on Tom's head. This conductor appears to have a clear but unexplained dislike for Tom, and relishes every opportunity to harm him physically (implying that the conductor was based on the legendary composer Arturo Toscanini, both in appearance and parodying Toscanini's reputed fiery temper and abusive criticisms).

Country: USA
Language: English

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