Monday, January 10, 2011

육혈포강도단 / 육혈포 강도단 (Yukhyeolpo Kangdodan ) AKA Grandma Gangsters AKA Pistol Bandit Band AKA Twilight Gangsters (2010)


Revolver Gangsters’ Gang” i s a remake of the German film “Now Or Never” (Jetzt Oder Nie – Zeit Ist Geld) directed by Lars Buchel.Three elderly widows r13; Jeong-ja (Nah Moon-hee), Yeong-heui (Kim Soo-mi) and Sin-ja (Kim Hye-ok) r13; have worked hard for the past eight years to save 8.37 million won r13; the exact cost of three VIP tour packages to Hawaii. They proudly head to the bank to wire the money, only to lose it to bank robbers. When the bank states that it reimburse the money, the trio seeks a bank robber Jun-seok (Im Chang-jeong) to master banditry. Will the grandmas, geared up with a real pistol and floral print masks, be able to make it to Hawaii?

Country: South Korea
Language: Korean

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