Sunday, December 12, 2010

General Nil (2009)


Although World War II ended in 1945, for most people in Poland the challenges of living in peace continued under the new Soviet appointed Communist government. Such is the story of General Fieldorf, the titular character in Ryszard Bugajski's new film General Nil. Fieldorf was hailed as a war hero for his resistance to the Nazis, only to be later vilified by the Communists who took over the country he fought to preserve. Bugajski's depiction of General Fieldorf's fall shows the horror of individual hopelessness against an unjust system, and reminds us of the importance of personal integrity and a sense of right and wrong. Beginning with his exploits during the war and ending with his eventual execution, the story exhibits a family man who always maintained his principals and wouldn't allow political corruption to sway him. Tragically, it was his faith in humankind kept him from believing his own countrymen could be capable of the monstrosities he defended them from. General Nil may be a historical pic in form, but tries to probe into the complexity of human strengths and weaknesses.

Country: Poland
Language: Polish | Russian | German

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