Friday, December 10, 2010

A Flat (2010)


A Flat storyline goes like this JimmyShergill with his earning, decides to buy a flat. On the other hand JimmyShergill looking opportunities to move abroad to US for better prospects! When JimmyShergill did’nt get an oppurtunity to leave for the US, the flat is rented out to his friend, Sanjay Suri. Jimy Shergil has dumped his girlfriend, Kaveri Jha, for a good future in the US. Now, Kaveri Jha is pregnant with his baby. Eventually, Jimmy decides to return to get with her. JimmyShergil’s father, Sachin Khedekar visits Jimmy’s flat is found dead in his flat and for Jimmy the nightmares turn into real life horror.

Country: India
Language: Hindi

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Password : mumoon
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