Saturday, December 11, 2010

Abhiyum Naanum "a.k.a" Abhi and Me (2008)


Raghuraman, the owner of a tea plantation in Ooty, takes a walk to the park where he meets Sudukhar the father of a young girl who is playing with her on the playground. The two men begin to talk, and soon Raghuraman is recounting the entire history of his loving relationship with his daughter Abhi, including her first day at school, her growth to independence, and her eventual marriage to Joginder Singh, a gem of a man who turns out to have many surprising qualities. At each stage, this doting father has had difficulty separating from his loving daughter, and accepting her marriage was the hardest. The story as a whole is a gentle and loving comedy with some depth in the narrative.

Country: India
Language: Tamil | Punjabi | Hindi

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