Monday, November 22, 2010

Sabuj Dwiper Raja "a.k.a" The King of the Green Island (1979)


A criminal gang is set to plan a theft in a remote island belonging to the Jarowas. They know that the local jarowas have no idea of the exact value of the energy source that the criminals are planning to attack and they use it as a source of abundant natural energy. A detective, Mr. Talukdar alias Kakababu (Samit Bhanja) befriends the tribals. The thirteen year old Santu (Anumabha Adhikari) joins his uncle. The duo leave Kolkata by ship for the Andamans. Santu's sharp eyes soon detect the criminal gang. Santu is instrumental & highly effective in helping his uncle prevent the dastardly plot the criminals are about to carry out. The light of the meteorite which is kept in an abyss is located & the criminals are arrested. Gunadhar Talukdar realises Kakababu's genuineness & his honest intentions & they become allies. In the end we find Kakababu & Santu leaving the island for another successful venture with Talukdar bidding adieu & the Vande Mataram resounding in the island.

Country: Bangladesh | India
Language: Bengali

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